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Few things are better than underdog stories, and football is full of them. In the last few years there was a quarterback that wasn't getting actively recruited from any school. This quarterback then sent out 100s of letters with video to coaches all over the country asking them to take a chance on him. Eventually, a coach from a small school in Montana said "Yes, come play for us." This quarterback ended up having a great career in Montana, getting drafted into the NFL, and is now one of the premier quarterbacks.

We always enjoy a story in which people of influence take a chance on people that are down and out (and it works!)

This is the kind of scene we get with Jesus in Matthew 4:19 when Jesus says to two fisherman, "Come follow me."

It's been documented elsewhere that this phrase/call "come follow me" was a common phrase amongst rabbis selecting the most prestigious students of school to come and follow them. Some scholars mention that for these brothers in Matthew 4 to be on a boat fishing in stead of school would insinuate they were the equivalent to "high school drop outs."

However, Jesus makes sees these "drop outs" and gives them the high call of the rabbi, "Come follow me."

It really doesn't matter how far behind we feel in our discipleship to Jesus, how many mistakes we've felt like we've made, how underqualified we feel to follow Jesus, his call still rings out for us to answer, "Come follow me."